Viewflow is a low-code platform for building business applications with ease. It’s designed to help you save time, reduce development costs, and keep full control over your code.

It’s based on the popular Django framework and written in Python, making it accessible for developers who have experience in these technologies.

Each component in Viewflow can be used separately, yet they all optimally work together

Key Features

  • Reusable workflow library for quick implementation of BPMN workflows
  • Built-in customizable CRUD for managing complex forms and data
  • Integrated reporting dashboards
  • Small and concise API
  • Pre-built modern frontend with SPA-style look-and-feel

Low-code with Viewflow is a faster option than no-code and offers more control and customization. A project built with Viewflow can be hosted on your own servers and tightly integrate it with your existing services and code.