CRUD Frontend

Viewflow provides quick ready-to-use templates and views to build a user interface

Class-based URL configuration

To make the interface reusable and easy customizable whole frontend built around one simple concept - Class based URL Config or Viewset

Basically, Viewset is a class with .urls property suitable to include into the Django url configuration.

viewset = MyViewset()

urlpatterns = [
    path('', viewset.urls)

Viewset is not a new notion for the Django world. django.contrib.admin.ite and restframework Router classes provides similar functionality. Viewflow distils the idea, withing generic Viewset interface and provide pre-built viewsets to create CRUD interfaces and people workflows.

To customize existing viewsets, they could be subclassed and their properties and methods been overridden.

Several viewsets for 3d-party packages available in viewflow.contrib.


viewflow.frontend templates built with Google Material Web Components library and uses BEM for CSS class names, to avoids CSS names collisions.

Turbolinks library used to speedup page loading and give a user near the same experience as SPA application.

All javascript code wrapped in the standard Web Components and Svelte compiled.